Beauty at its Best


This is one of the most amazing photos I’ve seen. This girl is my niece. She could have won the Miss Universe Pageant last night but she decided to pursue her dream. She is now a gynecologist. The smashing dress, by Eddie Guerrero. The photo by Pablo Diaz is surreal. Makeup by Idelfonso Torres. The amazing background? Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


4 thoughts on “Beauty at its Best

  1. Without any doubt your niece would have been a good representatiin for Puerto Rico. I am Beba’s cousin but have been living in the United States for years.
    I know, by the information you posted, that your husband has been treated with chemo therapy. I can relate to that also. My husband received Proton Therapy at the USF Proton Institutr in Jacksonville, FL and he has not shown any indication of cancer anymore. I just hope your husband gets well. I have not met you but I wish you luck in your new blog. Puerto Rico needs good and educational programs. What has been shown in the Puertorrican TV stations are extremely out of line and very vulgar. Those programs are to be cancelled.
    Good luck and hopefully you could get a TV producer to start your program.

  2. I think your niece made a wise decision. The beauty titles are just that… Beauty titles, but the future is what counts! Having a great profession as a Gyn is a smart choice. She still will be pretty but helping other women is a blessing. Good luck in her career.

    1. It’s true. But I don’t question at all the fact that girls want to compete as Beauty Queens. It’s once in a lifetime experience. I see very smart ones competing nowadays. Thanks so much for writing. Please continue to do so.

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