Beauty, Fashion & Survival

Beauty, Fashion, Survival
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I’m a Beauty, Fashion & Survival Blogger

BEAUTY, because VERY SOON I’ll be sharing my make-up secrets with you. Not only that, but I’ll throw in some tips on how to pose for photos so you will look prettier, younger and thinner. From all my years working in the magazine business, I have a Master’s at that. . FASHION, because I will be doing amazing photo shoots just because I know my followers are extremely demanding and knowledgeable. And SURVIVAL, because we women are ALL survivors and I want you to know you are NOT ALONE. I’ll tell you how I dealt with extreme and many times painful situations in a positive way. And that is what my blog is about. I’m sure glad you are following me and I truly value each and everyone of you! 

So it’s right here that you will read my stories but If you want  to follow me daily you may go to  Annette Vaillant The Blog in Facebook.

See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty, Fashion & Survival

  1. I will be waiting with excitemen to learn from your life experiences in the fasion industry. Annette im sure it will be great. Can i say beforehand “Thank you ” for being so special. You are a great example of beauty, motivation, and survival. A big hug . Lillie Ann Mc Collough

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