Black Statement, by Stella Nolasco

Beauty, Fashion

This is delicate  dressing at it’s best.  You always feel sexy and refined wearing a Stella Nolasco.  This fine lace and sequins dress is very romantic. Paired with Lido Jewelers amazing pieces, you will definitely stand out and make a statement.  A highly sophisticated statement.

Jewelry: Lido Jewelers; Photo: Jaime Rivera; Makeup & Hairstyle: Alfredo Monterola

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2 thoughts on “Black Statement, by Stella Nolasco

  1. This dress is beautiful and elegant.It will really make a statement as you enter a room. Love the necklace, its a delicate touch of beauty that just complements the beautiful dress making each a masterpiece.You look
    Beautiful Annette

  2. Muy guapa , regia!! Qué tengas lindo día junto a tus hijos nietos y esposo !! Muchas bendiciones !! 😺

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