Beyond Elegance: Betty Martínez

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Foto Betty Martinez

Annette Vaillant the Blog will be having a private event where I will be celebrating together with 10 magnificent women, whom I consider to be extremely elegant but who have qualities beyond elegance which make me admire them and identify myself with them.

I will be letting you know who these fine women Beyond Elegance are. I will also let you know why I admire them and why I have them on my list.

Beyond Elegance:  Betty Martínez

I love Betty Martinez’s style. She has this edgy-modern–yet-highly-sophisticated look. With her bubbly personality, she’s always the life of the party. Not only do I love her fashion sense but I also respect her love for her family and friends. She is a truly lovable person.

Graduated from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia and from Florence University of the Arts (FUA), Firenze, Italia, she works as Strategic Marketing and Sales Consultant.

 Betty also gives her valuable time to Fundación Ricky Martin, Fundación Angeles Vivientes, and Smile for the Soles.

Her passion is her children. Her fashion icon, Carolina Herrera

 When asked to describe her style she tells us: “Style means something different to each person. You make your own style. It’s that special touch. It’s an art”.

 Loves being around her children. She enjoys giving them the necessary tools for them to grow up as excellent human beings and an asset to society.

Beyond Elegance for sure.

So proud to have her on my list.

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Más Allá de la Elegancia:  Betty Martínez

Me encanta el estilo de Betty Martínez.

Es moderno, no convencional, pero a la misma vez, sumamente sofisticado. Con su burbujeante personalidad, es siempre el alma de la fiesta. Respeto mucho su sentido familiar y su sentido de la amistad. Es un verdadero amor.

 Se graduó de St Joseph’s University Philadelphia y también estudió en Florence University of the Arts (FUA) Firenze, Italia.

Actualmente trabaja como Strategic Marketing and Sales Consultant, aún así saca tiempo para ayudar a entidades comunitarias como: Fundación Angeles Vivientes, Ricky Martin Foundation y Smile for the Soles.

Su pasión son sus hijos. Su ícono en la moda lo es Carolina Herrera.

Cuando le pregunto cómo define su estilo me contesta: : “Considero que el estilo es algo tan diferente en cada persona… El estilo es algo que tú haces totalmente tuyo … Es un toque especial… Es un arte”.

Considera que es importante darle las herramientas necesarias a los hijos para que crezcan siendo personas de bien y provecho para la sociedad.

Pablo y Paulina … Son su motor de vida!

Definitivamente más allá de la elegancia.

Orgullosa de tenerla en mi listado.

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