The 3 Vaillants

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What could be better than one Vaillant talking about beauty and fashion? Three Vaillants. That’s why I am now including 2 of my nieces as collaborators on my blog. You wil be hearing more about fashion for the younger generation, what’s in and what’s out. Let’s greet Annie and Ana Sofía.


Si eres fan de esta página estarás de acuerdo conmigo que mejor que una Vaillant hablándote de moda y belleza, será ahora que se unieron como colaboradoras de esta página dos de mis sobrinas. Así que ahora somos 3 Vaillants. Escucharán sobre las tendencias de la moda juvenil, qué está “in” y que está “out”. Démosle la bienvendia a Annie y Ana Sofía.

Outfits:  G By Gustavo Arango; My shoes: Frívola;  Girls shoes & accessories:  Versace:   My makeup and hair: Claudia Soriano Salón; Stylist and photographer:  Carlos Rubén Rodríguez.

Copyright © 2015  UVA Investment, Corp. All rights reserved.


Annie’s dress (left) Gustavo Arango’s pencil skirt and cropped top. I’m wearing a mesh yellow top also by Arango  and Versace necklace. Ana Sofía is wearing a black Arango’s bodysuit and pencil skirt.



My shoes:  Frívola; Girls shoes & Accessories:  Versace



Shoes:  Versace


Pencil skirt with zippered back by G from Gustavo Arango.



Purse: Bea Valdés; Necklace: Versace


Shoes:  Frívola



My shoes:  Frívola; My necklace: Versace; Girl’s accessories: Versace



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