Dealing With Grief

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Dealing with Grief

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The last time we went to Cleveland Clinic, where my husband passed away, I travelled with a nurse who I had hired because Rafi was already very delicate and he couldn’t stand on his own two feet. It was honestly the worst trip I had done with him on my countless trips abroad. We literally had to carry him and lay him in the back seat of the car to take him to his different appointments. He had a Pet Scan done on the first day. The following day we went to the neurologist. The neurologist was a very kind man who dedicated all the time in the world to him and broke the news to us that Rafi’s cancer had spread to his bones and to many organs. This news was devastating for both of us. He started asking Rafi several questions to see how well he was coordinating his thoughts. He asked him to draw two interlocking pentagons which he tried to do to the best of his abilities and then the doctor asked him to write a sentence. Rafi wrote quite clearly: I love my wife.

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La última vez que viajé con Rafi a Cleveland Clinic, donde se complicó todo y murió, viajé con una enfermera la cual había contratado porque ya Rafi estaba muy débil y no se podía sostener en sus propias piernas. Fue el peor viaje que hice con él porque literalmente teníamos que cargarlo y acostarlo en el asiento de atrás del auto para llevarlo a sus diferentes citas médicas. El primer día se le hizo un Pet Scan y al día siguiente lo llevé a su primera cita que era con el neurólogo el cual nos dio la noticia de que el cáncer de Rafi había progresado y que literalmente ya estaba cundido. El doctor era sumamente amable y dedicado. Le hizo muchas preguntas a Rafi para ver como andaba neurologicamente hablando. Le pidió copiara dos figuras pentagonales entrelazadas y después le pidió escribiera una oración. Rafi escribió (en inglés): Amo a mi esposa.

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To My Old and Newly Acquired Friends

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This blog is for you. For the warrior inside you. I work very hard to make it as beautiful and entertaining as I can. I really hope you like it. Too many bad news out there. Too many problems in this world and in our own lives. Maybe your children have gone away to college and you have this terrible empty nest syndrome.  Maybe you’re not feeling your best or are taking care of a loved one. Or perhaps you are just feeling lonely. Make it your time off. I know, you’re going through a lot. I know, because I am going through a lot too. Sometimes it feels unbearable, right? This is my therapy. Make it yours. See you very soon!


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Coconut Water

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I love coconut water. Straight from the coconut. It has more potassium than several bananas. Full of electrolytes. This was a particular hot and humid day. I drank it all. It hydrated my body immediately. Wonderful.


Victorian custom fitted ivory blouse with gorgeous lace, together with a silk chiffon bohemian maxi evening skirt, decorated lavishly with vintage laces. Both paired with “La Niña”, a chiffon lace open tunic.  All by Lisa Cappalli.

                         Photo: Jaime Rivera; Hair & Makeup: Ingrid Román

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                                                           Valentino Shoes

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DetailsLovely French Vintage Lace.

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On Love and Companionship

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 “Till death do us part”

IMG_3087And so it shall be. Caring for a loved one through pain or misery can take a heavy toll on you. For the better. Those motherly feelings arise once again and you realize they were never meant to fade.

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Returning from Cleveland Clinic with my husband from his latest chemo session.

On Survival


There are many types and forms of survival. Breast Cancer was one of mine. I met all my angels while on this path. I learned that you cannot walk alone; you must surrender. It’s an extremely humbling experience.

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