Casual Flair

Fashion, Jewelry

Perfect dress for going out for lunch or afternoon activity.  Casual yet elegant and feminine.

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Gustavo 3

annette gustavo

Dress: Gustavo Arango; Jewelry: Lido Jewelers; Shoes: Valentino; Hair & Make-up: Alfredo Monterola; Stylist: Carlos Rubén Rodríguez, Photos: Pablo Díaz.


Go With the Flow

Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry, Makeup

What I like the most about our local designer Gustavo Arango, are the fabrics he uses for his dresses.  They are absolutely sublime and extremely fine.  This silk dress with or without the top is truly simple yet amazing.  Very, very feminine.  Pair it with necklaces from Lido Jewelers and you have a winner.


Behind the Scenes with Alfredo Monterola make-up artist and Carlos Rubén Rodríguez model/stylist.

Behind the Scenes with Iche Demel from Lido Jewelers, Carlos Rubén Rodríguez and Alfredo Monterola.


Exquisite & Delightful

Fashion, Jewelry, Makeup

My niece looking amazing in this stunning nude tone dress.  I’m wearing a beautiful black top over a  jumpsuit.  Both by Harry Robles.

Photos: Pablo Díaz; Makeup & Hair: Alfredo Monterola; My accessories: Joias; Annie’s jewelry: Private collection

Location: Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan Puerto Rico

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Lobby at Caribe Hilton Hotel

Emerald Green

Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry

Beautiful and quite stunning color.  This Stella Nolasco dress is sufficiently fancy to take you to a cocktail or prom but at the same time less formal than a long dress. So that makes it quite versatile.

The lovely jewels from Lido Jewelers finish the look with being overwhelming.

For the woman with no expiration date.

Makeup & Hair by Alfredo Monterola. Photos by Jaime Rivera.

Stella Green 1Stella Green 11  Stella 13 Stella Green 7 Stella Green 6 Stella Green 4 Stella 16 Stella 14 Stella Green 8

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Stella Red

Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry

Red is such a strong and vivid color.  I love red at night.  I prefer a lighter color on my lips when wearing a red colored dress.  I’m wearing a beautiful Stella Nolasco red lace dress that is perfect for a prom or a more formal activity.  Paired with Lido Jewels. Amazing ruby earrings.  Black Gucci shoes.Stella Nolasco 9 Stella Nolasco Red 3 Stella Red Stella Nolasco Red 7 Stella Nolasco Red 4 Stella Nolasco 10 Stella Nolasco Red 5

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