Blue as in Happy

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Dress: Stella Nolasco Spring/Summer Collection; Makeup & Hair: Alfredo Monterola; Photo: Raquel Pérez Puig; Location: LL

I love the color blue.  It brings me peace so I wear it a lot.  I think it blends perfectly with most skin colors.  Blue as in sky, yes.  But also our crystalline waters in the Caribbean are blue. It strikes me as funny when people say they feel “blue” when they’re feeling down.  I’m blue when I feel relaxed, when I’m in love, when I’m in complete  harmony with the universe.  So blue it is for me. Blue as in peaceful. Blue as in calm. Blue as in happy.

I wish you blue.


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To My Old and Newly Acquired Friends

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This blog is for you. For the warrior inside you. I work very hard to make it as beautiful and entertaining as I can. I really hope you like it. Too many bad news out there. Too many problems in this world and in our own lives. Maybe your children have gone away to college and you have this terrible empty nest syndrome.  Maybe you’re not feeling your best or are taking care of a loved one. Or perhaps you are just feeling lonely. Make it your time off. I know, you’re going through a lot. I know, because I am going through a lot too. Sometimes it feels unbearable, right? This is my therapy. Make it yours. See you very soon!


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