Mom at the Prom

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Prom time is near and one of the difficult decisions for Mom is how to dress adequately for the occasion.  This Stella Nolasco’s Lace Pantsuit is ideal for the party. You will be very fashionable, will be definitely making a fashion statement and at the same time, you’ll be comfortable.  Here, paired with amazing jewels from Lido Jewelry. Just check them out!

Stella Pantsuit

Hair & Makeup: Alfredo Monterola

Stella Pantsuit 4

Photos by Jaime Rivera

Stella Pantsuit 3 Stella Pantsuit2 Stella Pantsuit 8 Stella Pantsuit 6 Stella Pantsuit 5

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Beauty, Fashion & Survival

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BEAUTY, because VERY SOON I’ll be sharing my make-up secrets with you. Not only that, but I’ll throw in some tips on how to pose for photos so you will look prettier, younger and thinner. From all my years working in the magazine business, I have a Master’s at that. . FASHION, because I will be doing amazing photo shoots just because I know my followers are extremely demanding and knowledgeable. And SURVIVAL, because we women are ALL survivors and I want you to know you are NOT ALONE. I’ll tell you how I dealt with extreme and many times painful situations in a positive way. And that is what my blog is about. I’m sure glad you are following me and I truly value each and everyone of you! 

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Exquisitely Nude

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 Nude is such a beautiful tone for gowns, so feminine and romantic. Love these pictures which were taken at the wonderful entrance of El Convento Hotel.

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55 Ecliptica 11 Ecliptica mine 10 Ecliptica mine 9 Ecliptica mine 5 Ecliptica mine3 Ecliptica mine2 photo 3 Eclipitica mine photo 1 photo ecliptica mie 12

Dress by Eclíptica; Photograph: Jaime Rivera; Makeup & Hair: Ingrid Román;  Jewelry: Letrán

The Truth Behind This Photo Shoot

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Well, the dress didn’t fit. The girls from Eclíptica were in a real rush finishing dresses for “Premio lo Nuestro” and “San Juan Moda”, so they had to give me this particular dress, which is absolutely stunning but I believe it must have been a size 4 or 6, right off the runway. Okay, so I was walking around the hotel with an open back. The hotel was packed because of the blizzards and all the tourists would stare at me in astonishment. So this is what I would tell them: “Well you see, my son is getting married and we’re doing a casual photo session. I gained a little weight but, no problem, I’m on a diet right now and will definitely lose the extra pounds before the celebration. Oh dear!

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Dress: Eclíptica; Makeup & Hair: Ingrid Román; Accesories: Merodea

Ecliptica White

White Dress 6

White Dresß

White Dress2

white dress4

Black Night

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I love this hotel.

The Monasterio del Señor San José de la Orden de nuestra Señora del Carmen was founded in 1651 by Doña Ana Lanzós, a wealthy widow who donated her money and her magnificent residence (a large double sloped tiled roof) in the street that since then bears the name: de las Monjas. Historian María de los Ángeles Castro tells us that the delay in the arrival of a nunnery was due to economic reasons but also for lack of since the fortifications of the city were still not complete. Three nuns brought especially from Santo Domingo served as founders.

The building was expanded between 1854 and 1861 after the original building was torn down. Governor Fernando de Norzagaray personally helped raising the necessary funds and personally inspected the work daily. Certain elements stand out in the façade of the chapel, besides the entrance, the pair of Tuscan columns, the two towers and the latticed choir arch. The frieze above the door is interrupted for a legend that never was placed. The building was closed from 1903 to 1959 and then sold. During its conversion to hotel the two towers were removed and the cross that identified the site as a temple.

In 1903 it was closed until 1959, when Robert Woolworth started the renovation to turn it into the El Convento Hotel. It reopened in 1962 to the stars of the day, including Rita Hayworth. In The 90’s it was renovated again and rechristened as Hotel El Convento, a 4 star small luxury hotel with five stories, a central courtyard, a pool on the fourth floor terrace, and great views of Old San Juan.

More to come…

Source: Wikipedia

Lovely black gown from Ecliptica.


Notice the sheer skirt beneath the dress


Love my shiny makeup. accesories. Dress by Eclîptica; Hair&Makeup: Ingrid Romån; Photos: Jaime Rivera


Detail: Sheer skirt

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