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Here are some of my picks from my blog.  Most made by local designers. Hope you enjoy them.

Meet My Collaborators: Annie Vaillant & Sofía Calbetó

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Gustavo girls 3

Annnie Vaillant & Sofía Calbetó


You might wonder why I chose my two nieces as collaborators to my blog  and then you might not. They both have style,  they are bold beautiful young women.  What I cannot wear, they can.  I wanted to let the younger generation know what I consider elegant dressing when you are at an age when you can wear it all, never losing a sense of style.  I don’t exactly wear everything I like.  I wear what suits me best.  I know my body, my age and I know what to wear to hide my flaws and look sophisticated, yet modern.  I want to help you all out there to dress accordingly to your age and your body type.  Because that’s what elegance is all about.  So here is where they come in.  But mind you, they are no ordinary young women.  I want you to meet them and know both of their backgrounds. Quite amazing young ladies.



Annie Vaillant Ortiz


Annie Vaillant is my brother’s daughter.  She is a gynecologist.  She graduated from the University of Miami.  She has an undergrad bachelor degree in Science, major in Biology, minor in Chemistry.  She went to “Ponce School of Medicine” and graduated from Med School. She did her residency at the  “Hospital Municipal de San Juan- OB Gyn”. Actually works at the “Instituto Gineco-Oncológico HIMA, Caguas”, Puerto Rico.  Has a beautiful three-year-old called Ana Isabelle.  She also has an amazing sense of style.   Top local designers have chosen her to do photo shoots wearing their latest gowns.  She always looks amazing at parties.  I’m very proud of my niece Annie.


Ana Sofía Calbetó González

Ana Sofía Calbetó González is married to my nephew Eddie Calbetó, my sister’s son.  Ana Sofía studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  Has a degree in Residential Design.  Also a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  Worked for several years at a local kitchen and bathroom remodeling store where she designed kitchens and worked at redecorating client’s homes.  Has a magnificent sense of style.  Actually is a full-time Mom with two small boys, Eduardo who is 4 and Alvaro who is 2.  She designs most of the dresses she wears and also does her own makeup.  People actually stop her at parties to ask her what she’s wearing, who did her makeup etc.  I consider her my niece although she is actually my nephew’s wife.  We get along exceedingly well. I’m very proud of her.


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Vaillants Part 3

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Another photo shoot at the Mall of San Juan with two of my nieces, Ana Sofía and Annie.  Lovely and very colorful red dresses which are very becoming for the younger generation. I wore a long B&W tunic over skinny black pants. Thanks to Gustavo Arango for his outfits, Carlos Rubén Rodríguez for photos and styling and Claudia Soriano for my hairdo. IMG_1637


Ana Sofia’s lovely Versace earrings.



Bow belt.


Loved this zippered back and Versace shoes.



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A Day with the Girls

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It was such a nice experience to be able to do a photo shoot at the Mall of San Juan with two of my nieces, Ana Sofía and Annie.  Lovely and very colorful fuschia dresses which are very becoming for the younger generation. I wore a long striped tunic over skinny black pants and top.

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Gustavo girls 11

Dresses: Gustavo Arango;  Shoes:  Versace

Gustavo 7

Tunic: Gustavo Arango; Shoes:  Frívola

gustavo girls 7

Gustavo 3

Clutch:  Adriana Castro; Sunglasses:  Raen Optics

Gustavo girls 9Gustavo 2


Gustavo 4

Special thanks to Carlos Rubén Rodríguez for photos and styling.


Casual Flair

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Perfect dress for going out for lunch or afternoon activity.  Casual yet elegant and feminine.

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Gustavo 3

annette gustavo

Dress: Gustavo Arango; Jewelry: Lido Jewelers; Shoes: Valentino; Hair & Make-up: Alfredo Monterola; Stylist: Carlos Rubén Rodríguez, Photos: Pablo Díaz.


Partners in Crime

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God blessed me with three boys.  So I was very lucky when my oldest son married Cayleen.  She was the one who got me into blogging because she’s a model and has her own blog called “Cayleen Davies The Model Lifestyle” where she gives advice to  girls who want to become models.   She helped me organize my computer, my life, my finances ever since my husband passed away. So we have become partners in crime.  She is also expecting my second grandson.  A boy again, of course.  On this photo shoot, we were not only each others stylists, we also took each others photos and I believe we did a pretty good job at it. Hope you enjoy it.

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File Jan 12, 8 40 48 PM

I paired this very romantic dress with an Italian necklace made by Giraldi Bijoux,  which I think is a beautiful fashion statement.

Cayleen foto 4

Top is from “Pea in the Pod” jeans are “Pea in the Pod” shoes “Dolce Vita”

File Jan 12, 8 41 04 PM

Dress by Jenny for Essence Boutique. Shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

File Jan 12, 8 39 58 PM Cayleen foto 3 Cayleen foto 6 File Jan 12, 8 37 47 PM Foto Cayleen File Jan 12, 8 41 42 PM Cayleen foto 5 File Jan 12, 8 41 22 PM

Irreverente, Sensual y Femenina



Hace poco me invitaron a conocer la nueva fragancia de Marc Jacobs. Fue una invitación a consentirme con un atrevido estilo, lujoso diseño y una revolucionaria fragancia inspirada por una de las icónicas carteras de Marc, la “Touble Bag” una cartera pequeña, elegante y versátil. Es coqueta y a la misma vez osada. La fragancia, glamurosa, femenina, opulenta y su frasco un fashion statement.

Bag Marc Jacobs

“Trouble Bag” de Marc Jacobs. Foto suministrada por Glamour P.R.

Decadence eleva el espíritu irreverente de las fragancias de Marc Jacobs a un nuevo nivel de lujo.

Creada con la perfumista “Master,” Annie Buzantian, Decadence es una lujosa y sensual fragancia amaderada. La fragancia cautiva con su nota seductora y dominante de suculenta ciruela italiana, azafrán dorado y lirios aterciopelados. El corazón es un buqué de ricas rosas búlgaras que se fusionan con exuberantes lirios y cremososo matices de jazmín Sambac. Sensual ámbar líquido, vetiver y cálidas maderas de papiro, imparten notas secas a este símbolo de sofisticada elegancia.


Decadence muchas veces dicta la moda que voy a utilizar ya que siento una sinergía fuerte entre la fragancia y mi atuendo.  Me hace sentir atrevida, sensual pero a la misma vez glamurosa.  Usarla es toda una experiencia sensorial y completa mi estilo sofisticado pero a la vez irreverente.  Me fascina su lujoso olor a madera. Te dará la seguridad que completa tu look, sientiéndote femenina, lujosa y atrevida.



Disponible en: Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, JC Penney y Preciosa.