The Truth Behind This Photo Shoot

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Well, the dress didn’t fit. The girls from Eclíptica were in a real rush finishing dresses for “Premio lo Nuestro” and “San Juan Moda”, so they had to give me this particular dress, which is absolutely stunning but I believe it must have been a size 4 or 6, right off the runway. Okay, so I was walking around the hotel with an open back. The hotel was packed because of the blizzards and all the tourists would stare at me in astonishment. So this is what I would tell them: “Well you see, my son is getting married and we’re doing a casual photo session. I gained a little weight but, no problem, I’m on a diet right now and will definitely lose the extra pounds before the celebration. Oh dear!

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Dress: Eclíptica; Makeup & Hair: Ingrid Román; Accesories: Merodea

Ecliptica White

White Dress 6

White Dresß

White Dress2

white dress4

6 thoughts on “The Truth Behind This Photo Shoot

  1. This ecliptica dress is gorgeous! How much do their dresses cost? I am going to be a bridesmaid and cannot find anything in Miami, I would love to wear one of their designs!

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