It’s All About Color!

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More lovely photographs which were taken at the Caribe Hilton Hotel wearing Harry Robles’ amazing gowns, together with my niece Annie, at the hotel’s gardens.  This color coordination  would be lovely for a Mother & Daughter look at a prom.

Hope you enjoy it.

Photos: Pablo Díaz; Gowns: Harry Robles; Makeup & Hair: Alfredo Monterola

My jewelry: Joias; Annie’s Jewelry: Private Collection


Amazingly beautiful sunset at the Caribe Hilton’s Hotel’s fountain. Photo supplied by Caribe Hilton Puerto Rico.

Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0886 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0841 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0742 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0891 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0734 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0770 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0752 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0795 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0907 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0901 Annie&AnnetteVaillant_0898


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2 thoughts on “It’s All About Color!

  1. Beautiful, both look amazing. Annette you look beautiful, I love your makeup .,But you really have a beautiful model as a niece . She looks like your daughter if I didnt knew i would have though you were sisters jajaja . Both dresses are great for a Prom

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